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3 reasons you should start email marketing

    Vicki Goldblatt sat at cafe table, laptop open in front of her, smiling as she works

    #1 It complements social media brilliantly.

    It’s risky putting all your eggs in the Instagram basket! We small business owners have to protect ourselves and our future businesses. Your business will be more sustainable if you start to build a list of subscribers alongside a following on Instagram. If the platforms ever go down (remember THAT outage?!?) you will still be able to sell to your mailing list in emails. Meta owns Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp and has control over access to your followers. Accounts are hacked and suspended reasonably often. Whereas you own your email list and you can export a list of your subscribers at any time.

    #2 It keeps you off social media 😂

    LOL isn’t it ironic that I’m saying that?! It’s because – I know from 4 years of working with clients on their social media marketing – that Instagram, is a hotbed for making female founders feel unworthy and dissatisfied with their lot. Especially when we see others in our niches celebrating their wins and achievements. Well, there’s none of that with email marketing. Just go into your chosen app and start writing! There’s no looking at what other people are doing, or feeling inadequate first. This is much better for our confidence, mindset and it’s much less of a time suck! No going down those Instagram rabbit holes where we start a quick scroll and come out 40 mins later wondering where the time went!

    #3 Your list is full of your people!

    You can be more open, and honest with your list of subscribers. You can really draw your community close, by showing more of yourself, asking what they need, and then addressing their pain points with your products or services. Do this well, and your subscribers will soon feel like friends.

    I strongly encourage you to think about whether email marketing could work for your business!

    If you haven’t got a platform yet, try Flodesk if you lust after a pretty aesthetic, and have a budget of c. £30/month to spend.

    MailChimp is free when you start out, so can be a great one to experiment with. If you need help setting up an email marketing system, I can help you set one up, mentor you to get emails sent to your list, or give regular help each month with creating and sending emails to your subscribers.

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