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Co-Working Club

What is it?

Why join?

The Club offers two things:

  1. Opportunities to meet new people whilst working and/or doing fun things. So far we have had a go at creative writing, photography, crafting + mindful colouring! (look at the dates to see what’s next)
  2. A peer-group. A small, intimate group group, where you can be comfortably vulnerable, and ask for help + advice


To get away from:

The day includes:


Is there car parking nearby?

There is! Within 5 mins walk there is on-street, free parking. Cheadle Hulme train station is also 5 minutes walk away. 

Is there somewhere I can take calls if I have any?

Yes, there are different options for taking calls in more private nooks of the cafe/bar area. You can choose to sit alongside others, or work in a corner on your own to get your head down!

Outside of the Club dates

There’s a WhatsApp channel for regulars Club members to communicate closely with one another. Sharing what they are up to, asking questions, getting feedback, finding suppliers and generally cheerleading one another!

What is the structure of the Club?

Most Clubbers arrive between 10am and 11am and stay to around 3pm. We often stop at 1.30pm ish to introduce ourselves to one another and have a discussion or workshop around a topic that relates to freelance life – recently we have talked about creativity, goals and photography. Coffees and teas throughout are included in your ticket price. Cakes, croissants and lunches are available to buy separately.

"I feel welcome as part of a community, refreshed with new ideas/perspectives. The change of scene is also hugely beneficial!"

- Katie Patel Artist -