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Co-Working Club

Why join?

It’s an opportunity to regularly meet other freelancers, founders + creatives, and combat the loneliness of self employment.

A chance to come together with other women + feel part of a community that’s bigger than a team of 1!

Come along to get away from home (which becomes totally un-inspirational after several months or years!)

It’s also waay more welcoming than those stuffy networking events (which quite frankly, can be AWKS)

The Venues

Monday Clubs are At the Kitchen in Cheadle Hulme

Because quite frankly, everyone loves Angela’s food! The Monday Clubs are an opportunity for focused work time, with a collective lunch break + chance to get to know others there.

Friday Clubs are at The Ivy Cafe in Cheadle Hulme

Where the coffee + the interiors are cool! If you like hustle + bustle, this venue is for you! The Friday Clubs have time to co-work + opportunities to get involved in more fun stuff, like talks + mini workshops. 

What do you get?

How can I join?

The best value way to join is with a monthly membership.

Join this, come to one Club every month + get full access to the community WhatsApp channel for all year round support. There are also opportunities to talk at one of the Clubs if you would like to. 

Your alternative way to join, for those that want to remain footloose + fancy free, is to Pay As You Go. £35 a Club, + book each Club through the buttons above.


What is the structure of the club?

Arrive at 10am and stay until 3pm.

Monday Clubs break for a collective lunch at 12.30pm. Friday Clubs are less structured, with no formal lunch break.

Is there somewhere I can take calls?

Yes, there are different options for taking calls in more private nooks of both venues. You can sit alongside others, or get your head down in a quiet corner.

Is there car parking nearby?

Cheadle Hulme train station is a 5 minute walk away from each venue and has free parking. The overspill car park there, behind the Platform 5 Pub usually has spaces available.

Can I get there by public transport?

Cheadle Hulme train station is a 5 minute walk away from each venue and is really well served with connections to Manchester, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Macclesfield and beyond.

What goes on outside of the Clubs?

There’s a community WhatsApp channel for extra support outside of the Clubs. Members share what they are up to, ask questions, get feedback, find suppliers and generally cheerlead one another!

"I feel welcome as part of a community, refreshed with new ideas/perspectives. The change of scene is also hugely beneficial!"

- Katie Patel Artist -