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3 Canva shortcuts I use ALL THE TIME

    Have I already told you that Canva PRO is a brilliant app for creating stand out social media posts?! Actually, hold the phone…Before I start going on about how amazing Canva PRO is, are you making the most of the FREE version?

    Here are some of the features I use time and time again 👇

    #1 Never mismatch your colours again

    If you want a template’s colours to match those in the photos you have uploaded, right click on the image inserted and click >> Apply to colours page. The colours in the background will change to reflect those in the image 💫

    #2 Adding a new text box 

    Hit ‘t’ whilst on a template to add a new text box. Add several text boxes to each template so each piece of text can be positioned independently of one another.

    #3 Centre and middle positioning tools

    Who else can’t bear wonky elements in their templates?! Use Canva’s Positioning tool to correct this. Select the text box or element that you want to centre, then click the Position button in the top right corner of the screen. Hit centre and middle for that perfect alignment! 🤩

    Now, tell me your fave Canva features and why you like them!

    12th March, 2022