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4 Instagram updates to actually take note of…

    Instagram is changing ALL the time at the moment, to the point where social media managers just roll their eyes when Adam Mosseri Head of Insta uploads yet another video revealing the latest updates. It can be time consuming to watch and sift through what he’s saying. So, here’s my take on the most useful features coming through at the moment 👇

    #1 Get more views of your Instagram Lives 

    Instagram Lives are now listed on your profile! Take your followers to your profile to find the Lives you have scheduled. Tell them to tap on it to find out more, and to get an alert when you go Live. Reminders mean that those who really want to watch are there with you for the Live. So get scheduling them in!

    #2 Easy video content creation with Remixes

    You can now Remix (copy) any video on Instagram, whether it’s a video on the Grid or a Reel. Tap the three dots at the top right corner of any video and select the option to remix. It’s a great way to pat your favourite creator on the back and show them their content has inspired you!

    #3 Upgrades to direct messages

    You can now add GIFs to your DMs 💥 and apparently Polls for group chats are on their way too. I can’t see them on my app yet, but Adam says they are coming. Handy for asking a group where to meet, what time, or which option they prefer. Especially cool if you spend a lot of time in your DMs.

    #4 Private Story Likes

    The lovely little heart button is coming to Stories! Between the message bar and the paper aeroplane there will be a heart icon ♥ Tap on it to show the author of the Story that you like their content. They will be able to see the number of Likes of their Stories in the Insights. It won’t clutter up DMs with heart icons. The future of direct messages is conversations and not emojis!

    16th February 2022