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Feeling overwhelmed by social? The 6 signs it’s time to outsource

Admitting you need help with your social media can be a difficult thing to do.

After all, it’s just posting on Instagram – right?

Not quite. Getting your social media to work for you takes time, effort and patience – three things you might be short on right now.

Hiring a social media manager can feel like a big step. Maybe you feel anxious about handing your brand over to someone you don’t know. Or perhaps you’re worried about your return on investment.

Well, let me reassure you.

A good social media manager will get to know you and your business before they start work so that you both feel confident about what needs to be done.

And, while no-one can guarantee ROI when it comes to social, they will work to a strategy which means they will constantly refine what they’re posting to get the best results.

Here are 6 signs it’s time to outsource:

1. Your socials are collecting crickets

When was the last time you posted?

Successful social media marketing requires consistency. That means showing up regularly and posting good quality content.

A social media manager will ensure your profiles are active  – they’ll post regular targeted content and will monitor your stats to understand what’s working, and what’s not.

2. Social media is making you stressed

Do you worry you’re not doing enough on social, that your platforms aren’t as good as your competitors?

Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with all the DMs and comments, or the constant platform changes?

I know that social media can feel like a full-time job – one that’s stealing valuable time from the rest of your business.

If you’re feeling pulled in all directions, then outsourcing is the perfect solution.

When you hire a professional social media manager, you don’t just hand over your platforms, you get your life back, just like my client!

3. You need your social media to work harder

Social media is a valuable part of your marketing toolkit and, done right, can help you attract more leads and sales.

A social media manager will assess your wider business goals and work to a strategy that helps you achieve them.

They will plan your content for the months ahead, making sure all key moments are covered. Just think, no more last-minute panic posting!

4. You’re not sure you’re doing it right!

Are your bios optimised? Should you be using Reels? What even are Reels?

Keeping up with the constant platform changes, knowing which ones are worth your time and which ones to ignore, can be overwhelming.

A good social media manager makes it their job to keep on top of the latest changes. They test them, play with them, and know how to make them work for you.

5. You spend hours down Instagram rabbit holes

Look, we all do it, but if your time on social isn’t being spent productively then it’s costing your business money.

Your time is valuable and should be spent on the things you do best. The problem is, it’s too easy to get sucked into comparison scrolling or drooling over exotic holiday destinations!

When you hand over the job to a professional, they’ll use their time constructively – they’ll focus on creating and curating content, engaging with your audience and nurturing new connections. They’ll post consistently and track the results.

6. You don’t engage with your audience

You’ve probably heard this one before, but the whole point of social media is to be social!

Big platforms such as Facebook and Instagram aren’t loaded in small businesses’ favour. But you can build brownie points with the algorithms by having meaningful conversations with your followers.

However, that doesn’t just mean dealing with incoming comments and messages. No, you need to actively engage with other accounts and non-followers too!

It’s time-consuming, but it’s probably the single most important thing you can do.

A good social media manager knows this and will make it a priority.

How can I help?

So, how are you feeling? Would getting help with your social media help take the pressure off?

If the answer is yes, then I can help. I offer a range of services from training to full social media management.