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Canva Template Bundle


A set of 8 Canva templates to glow up your brands Instagram/ Facebook/ LinkedIn feed with eye-catching content that is instantly recognisable to your audience.


A set of 8 Canva templates to glow up your brand on Instagram/ Facebook/ LinkedIn with eye-catching content!

  • Templates are designed to house your brand content easily
  • Hosted in Canva so that you can duplicate, tweak, change templates in future as you choose
  • Created for topics that work for your brand
  • Required: Your brand assets – colours, fonts, pictures, package and product names
  • Starts with: A 30 minute long Zoom about your biz & templates you would like to see & then I can get started!

In your order confirmation you’ll receive a link to book a 30 minute Zoom session with me so that we can discuss your branding and design.


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